Pakistani court sentences Czech model to 8 years for drug trafficking


By Muhammad Luqman
A court in Pakistan’s eastern city of Lahore has sentenced a 22-year-old Czech model to eight years and eight months in prison on charges of drug trafficking.
Tereza Hluskova, the ex-model broke into tears after she was handed the sentence on Wednesday.
Hluskova was arrested in possession of 8.5 kilogramsof heroin in January last year at Allama Iqbal Inernational Airport in Lahore from where she was travelling to Dublin, Ireland via Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. The story gained attention when Miss Hluskova was captured smiling and posing for photos with Pakistani investigators after she was arrested at the airport.
Her lawyer, Sardar Asghar Dogar told media after the sentence that the model will appeal against the verdict.
Hluskova was convicted during a court appearance last week. Her sentence also includes a fine of Rs113,000 (US $ 800).
The hearing against her concluded after 14 months.


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