Pakistan wants to further improve ties with Russia, China: Foreign Policy Advisor

Foreign Policy Advisor

Pakistan’s top foreign policy advisor Sartaz Aziz  has said that Pakistan wants to further cement relations with China and Russia as both the neighbouring countries are endeavouring to bring prosperity in the region.

“ One Belt One Road (OBOR) is a wider concept. Traditional globalization phenomenon just supports the rich countries,” Sartaj Aziz told newsmen in Lahore, the eastern city of Pakistan on Saturday evening.

He said that China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was not directed against any country of the region. Even India and other regional players are all praise for this project, Sartaj Aziz said.

India is destined to repent if it chooses to remain out of CPEC on account of its rigid attitude.

Foreign Affairs Advisor said that Pakistan wants to improve relations with the United States . US State Department spokesman has also expressed that US wants to have cordial relations with Pakistan.

On Kalbushan Yadev issue, Sartaj Aziz said , by taking the case to International Court of Justice, India has not done some job. “We will soon challenge court’s jurisdiction,” he said.

To a question regarding the Memoirs of US Operative Raymond Davis, he said that former government’s officials could respond to this query in a better way.

He said that the death of Kashmiri youth Burhan Wani had lent a new life to the Kashmiris struggle. Pakistan would continue to provide diplomatic , political and moral support to Kashmiris struggling against Indian occupation.


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