Pakistan: PMD predicts decrease in COVID-19 cases during Monsoon


By Muhammad Luqman
Finding a significant relationship between coronavirus infection rate and temperatures in different climate zones of Pakistan, the weather pundits have predicted that transmission rate may decline by 50 to 75 percent with an increase of 3 to 5 degree Celsius mean temperature and 10 to 15 percent raise in relative humidity during the current summer.
” The result of the study conducted by PMD suggests that the hot and humid climate may reduce COVID-19 transmission in Pakistan by 50 to 75 percent. Above 30 degree C temperature and over 55 percent relative humidity slows down the COVID-19 spread,” according to a COVID-19 advisory issued by Pakistan Meteorological Department.
The COVID-19 transmission, according to PMD study, increases between 5.00 p.m. to 12 midnight. ” Complete lockdown during these hours during the months of May and June can be helpful in bringing down the transmission rate in Pakistan,” PMD recommends.

Weather pundits have advised the people to make minimum use of airconditioners as dry and cold weather is quite favourable in the spread of the contagion.
According to advisory, the COVID-19 spread may continue increasing during the next three to four weeks. However, it will become stable during the last week of June when the pre-monsoon season will set in.
” If Pakistan receives normal rains during Monsoon season, there may be significant decrease in COVID-19 spread in Pakistan,” the weather experts said.
Pakistan Meteorological Department has divided the country into climatic zones to study the correlation between weather conditions and COVID-19.
The number of Coronavirus cases in Pakistan have crossed the 50,000 mark with 1067 deaths.


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