Declaring Pakistan power outages free: Nawaz Sharif’s dream fails to come true

Loadshedding Free Pakistan

By Muhammad Luqman
Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had always dreamed of ending decades old power outages in energy-starved Pakistan by December this year. But his un-ceremonial exit from the power corridors on the order of the Supreme Court has made it something unaccomplished.
A series of inauguration and groundbreaking ceremonies were scheduled that former prime minister Nawaz Sharif could not perform because of his disqualification by the Supreme Court of Pakistan on Friday that could have contributed to bridging the yawning gap demand and generation of power.
The first among such projects was the 1,200MW Balloki power project whose inauguration was scheduled for July 31, Monday.
Everything was arranged and even invitation cards had been printed for the guests to attend the inauguration ceremony of coming into operation of the LNG-based plant.
This was to be followed by the groundbreaking ceremony of the 4320MW Dasu hydropower project on Aug 2-3.
The invitation cards for its groundbreaking were yet to be printed, but two days were tentatively kept vacant for finalisation on the basis of weather conditions.
Next in the line was inauguration of the 340MW Chashma-IV nuclear power plant.
The plant is currently on test run and dates for its commercial operation and inauguration were in the process of finalisation for the third week of August.
But before these energy projects, Mr Sharif was scheduled to inaugurate on Aug 14 new Islamabad airport and a dedicated metro transport road project to connect the airport with the federal capital.
Another major coal power project of 1,320MW at Port Qasim is almost ready for completion and its sponsors had sought dates for inauguration by Nawaz Sharif in the first week of September.
The project is one of the few early harvest projects under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and sponsored by Qatar’s Al-Mirqab Capital and China’s Power Construction Corporation, a subsidiary of SinoHydro Resources Limited.
In addition, the government was coordinating with contractors of the 1,180MW Bhikki LNG project for finalisation of a commercial operation date (COD) of combined cycle operations at full capacity. The tentative dates for the project’s inauguration were set around first week of October.
Another project — 1,200MW Haveli Bahadur Shah — is also expected to achieve combined cycle COD at full capacity in November.


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