India, Pakistan agree to resolve diplomats harassment issue: Foreign Office


By Muhammad Luqman

India and Pakistan have mutually agreed to resolve matters related to the treatment of diplomats and diplomatic premises.

“The issue is being resolved, in line with the 1992 ‘Code of Conduct’ for treatment of Diplomatic/Consular personnel in India and Pakistan,” Foreign Office spokesman Dr. Muhammad Faisal said on Friday.

Pakistan’s diplomats stationed in Indian capital New Delhi were harassed by Indian intelligence agencies  recently. During the third week of March , Pakistan’s High Commissioner  Sohail Mahmood was recalled by the foreign office for consultation on the issues arising in the wake of harassment of diplomats and staffers.

Pakistan had lodged strong protests with the Indian Government over these incidents of harassment and intimidation, evidence of which was widely available on social media. New Delhi, according to foreign office, was also told that  the safety and security of the diplomats, officials and their families is the sole responsibility of the Government of India, under the Vienna Convention.


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