US Presidents’ visits to India , Pakistan: A chronology


By Muhammad Luqman
US President Donald J. Trump has just concluded a two-day visit to India. He is the seventh American President to visit New Delhi.
President Dwight Eisenhower, a Republican, was the first to visit India in 1959.
President Richard Nixon, another, Republican, visited India in 1969.
Nine years later, Democrat Jimmy Carter made the India trip in 1978 while Moraji Desai  was prime minister.
Democrat Bill Clinton came to India in 2000.
Republican George W Bush visited in 2006 .
Barack Obama, a Democrat, is the only president to have visited India twice.
He first visited India in 2010 when Singh was the Prime Minister.
Modi was the Prime Minister during his second visit in 2015.
Dwight D. Eisenhower visited Karachi, then capital of Pakistan on December 7–9, 1959; met with President General Ayub Khan.
Lyndon B. Johnson visited Karachi ,Met with President Ayub Khan on December 23, 1967
Richard M. Nixon visited Lahore and held meeting with President General Yahya Khan. August 1–2, 1969
William J. Clinton visited Islamabad, Met with President Tarar and the Chief Executive General Pervez Musharraf; delivered radio address on March 25, 2000
George W. Bush visited Islamabad; Met with President General Pervez Musharraf on March 3–4, 2006.

Ironically, all the US Presidents visited Pakistan at times when country was under military rule.

(Source: US State Department Website)


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