US business greats to visit Pakistan in February


US business greats to visit Pakistan in February By Muhammad Luqman Over a dozen American start-ups and business greats are coming to Pakistan next month that may bring down the tempers in the US-Pakistan relations. Among them are Kevin France, who is mentor to 150-plus Fortune 500 companies and several Forbes billionaires, hyper-growth expert Jason Gilbert, and Tcat Houser, who is the author of 50-plus books. Their aim is to steer Pakistani start-ups and entrepreneurs towards success-oriented measures, and help them integrate with international markets such as the US, Canada, and Europe. “All-time great success creators and mentors to successful companies are coming to Pakistan for the first time ever to share not only their success stories but also guide us to be a model of success,” said Amir Jafri, founder of Momentum Pakistan, a body meant to serve as a platform to connect start-ups with mentors and investors. The delegates will be hosted at the Momentum Tech Conference being held in Karachi on February 19 and 20. The conference where Pakistani start-ups and entrepreneurs can register and participate free of cost will also feature the representatives of Facebook, Amazon Web Service, IBM and Microsoft who will share their tools and resources with the participant enterprises. Unveiling the list of international participants of the conference, he said, “World governments can have ups and downs in their relations but this mentors-to-enterprises connectivity will grow the bonds of cooperation between the people of Pakistan and the world.” Gilbert, who will visit Karachi, shared in a video interview his plans that he intends to share with Pakistani start-ups and enterprises. Pakistan Ambassador to the US Aizaz Chaudhry welcomed the people-to-people contact between the US and Pakistan at the Momentum Tech Conference.


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