Pakistan’s Punjab province launches anti-graft mobile app


By Muhammad

Minister Imran Khan  has said that  his government’s vision of Naya Pakistan could
not be accomplished unless the people fully take part in the  ongoing “jihad” against corruption by exposing
the corrupt elements in the society.

He was
speaking at the launch ceremony of Punjab government’s anti-graft mobile app in
the capital Islamabad  to mark the
international anti-corruption day on Monday.

Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) has developed ‘Report Corruption app’ to
eradicate the stigma of graft.

Minister Imran Khan said that the elimination of corruption was inevitable to
protect the future of the generation.

“This is a
great step towards making Pakistan a modern society. This is an impressive
performance and requests you to publicize to make people know the benefit of
this drive,” Imran Khan said.

appreciated Punjab government  for  recovery of government land worth Rs132 billion,
besides another amount of Rs5 billion from corrupt people through the Punjab
Anti Corruption Establishment.

He said
unfortunately, the people did not know the connection between corruption and
their lives and in some instances, people were also seen showering flower petals
on the corrupt people out of their ignorance.

He said the
youth of the country could play a leading role in the anti-corruption drive
with their active participation.

The prime
minister also advised the Punjab government to publicize the performance of the
mobile application on a monthly basis.

He said the
Chinese economy was considered as the fastest growing economy just because the
Chinese people, as well as the government, had arisen against the corrupt
people and above 400 minister-level people were jailed on corruption charges.

He said the
Chinese people considered President Xi Jinping as a real statesman because they
had realized that corruption was the major reason to beget poverty.

Referring to
the anti-corruption movements in Chili, Iraq and other states, the prime
minister said it was a changed world where no one could conceal the corruption.

In the
United States, the people were caught on the charges of corruption, they had
committed even three decades ago, he added.

They had a
popular maxim ‘you can run but cannot hide’, he added.

He said
despite being rich with huge natural resources, the corrupt nations remained
poor while clean governments with no corruption became richer despite having
little resources and cited examples of Nigeria and Congo and that of

He explained
that the money made through corrupt practices always landed in the individuals’
accounts instead of being spent on welfare projects like education and health
sectors to steer people out of poverty.


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