Pakistani citizen released from Indian prison, returns home


  By Muhammad Luqman A Pakistani citizen who spent about 25 years in the neighbouring India, returned home on Tuesday after his release from prison of western India city of Mumbai. “ I am really happy to return to my homeland but shocked to know about my father’s death. I will now go to Mansehra to meet my mother,”  36 year old Sirajuddin Mohammad said. Pakistan Human Rights activist Ansar Burney and an NGO of India played a pivotal role in the release of Siraj  who had leave his wife and three children back in India while coming to Pakistan. Siraj  who came to Lahore from northern Pakistan town of Mansehra in 1993 at the age of 11, erroneously made his way into India by Samjotha Express . After spending a great deal of time in India, Siraj married a woman, Sajida from a Muslim family in 2005. In 2009, Siraj presented himself before police and expressed the desire to go to Pakistan with his family. Following which the police sent him to jail, from which he gained freedom on Tuesday. An Indian NGO fought for Siraj’s right to Indian citizenship, however, he was sent to jail again. After Siraj’s plight made rounds on Indian media, the Ansar Burney Trust jumped into action to bring him home. After reaching Pakistan, Siraj was handed over to Edhi Welfare Organisation. Though Siraj has reached Pakistan , he family is still in India . “My heart aches for my  wife, two twin sons and a daughter; Pakistan government should raise the issue with Indian authorities,” says Sirajuddin.


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