Pakistan turns 70

Pakistan turns 70

By Muhammad Luqman
Pakistani nation will celebrate 71st Independence Day on Monday, 14th August amid fast changing political scenario in this South Asian country. Just two weeks before the Independence Day, former Prime Minister Nawaz had to step down from the office after Supreme Court disqualified him from holding any public office.
The central independence day celebration ceremony will be held in the capital, Islamabad. Chinese Vice Prime Minister Wang Yang will be the chief guest at the celebrations.
Aerobatic teams from Turkey and Saudi Arabia will be performing in the largest ever show by Pakistan Air Force (PAF) in the history of Pakistan to mark its 70th anniversary.
The special appearance of “Solo Turk”, the famous Turkish aerobatic team of Turkish Air Force and the internationally acclaimed “Saudi Hawks” of Royal Saudi Air Force alongside PAF aircraft will add colours to the mega event, according to Pakistan Air Force
From its creation on 14 August 1947, Pakistan has been at the epicentre of transformative global geopolitical trends, and has played a seminal role in shaping and reshaping the currents and cross-currents. Everything is not doom and gloom in Pakistani.
Pakistani nation can take satisfaction in the fact that today, in terms of purchasing power parity, the country is among the top 30 economies of the world, and well poised to scale the heights of its true and myriad potentials. Pakistan is the world’s only declared Islamic nuclear power, has one of best and technologically advanced militaries, boasts the world’s largest network of canals, hosts one of the largest most skilled and rapidly growing population of English-speaking workers, and remains a top producer of quality textiles, wheat, cotton, fruit and dairy products. Pakistani equities and stock markets have been the best performing in Asia and among the top performers in the world.


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