Pakistan test-fires anti-ship missile in North Arabian Sea

Sea King Helicopter test fires missile

By Muhammad Luqman
In an impressive display of fire power, Pakistan Navy has successfully test-fired an anti-ship missile from air to sea level in North Arabian Sea.
According to a Pakistan Navy spokesperson, Sea King Helicopter fired the missile in open sea, which successfully hit the target.
Pakistan Navy Chief Mohammad Zakaullah witnessed demonstration of the weapon firing. Speaking on the occasion, the Chief of Naval Staff said successful firing from Pakistan Navy’s Sea King helicopter is clear proof of war preparedness and professional skills of Pakistan Naval fleet.
He expressed the determination that Pakistan Navy will safeguard the territorial water boundaries of the motherland and its interests at any cost.
In this striking demonstration of fire power, Pakistan Navy Helicopter Seaking launched Air to Surface Anti-ship Missile which successfully hit the intended target with pinpoint accuracy, reaffirming weapon’s lethality and offensive punch of the PN Fleet. The successful firing by PN Helicopter Seaking is reflective of high state of readiness and professionalism of PN Fleet.
Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah expressed his complete satisfaction on the combat readiness of PN Fleet and commended the efforts put in by all involved. The Naval Chief specially appreciated professionalism and high morale of the personnel. He reaffirmed the resolve of Pakistan Navy to ensure country’s seaward defence and safeguard maritime interests at all cost.


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