Pakistan is 22nd most powerful country on globe: Report


By Muhammad Luqman

Pakistan has been ranked the 22nd most powerful country in the world, ahead of the likes of Singapore, Spain and Brazil in this year’s global power table.

According to the rankings published by US News and World Report, the rankings measure the influence of a nation, as well as its political, economic, and military power.

“Power has transferred between civilian and military governments in Pakistan’s federal republic over the years, fostering an environment of instability and corruption that has stunted the nation’s growth and development. The seventh-most populous country is also one of the youngest in the world, with the majority of citizens under age 22,” explained the report.

Pakistan has been ranked as the 74th Best Country in the world this year, with its power rankings falling by two notches in the latest list. Last year, Pakistan adjudged 20th most powerful country.

The United States of America remains the most powerful country in the world, with Russia and China claiming the second and third spot respectively. India has been ranked the 15th most powerful country.

“The US is the world’s dominant economic and military power, and its cultural imprint covers the world. The US has also traditionally taken a leading international role, such as in organizations like NATO and the UN. But domestic challenges, including racial tensions, inequality, and a divided electorate, are harming the country,” stated the report.


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