Monsoon rains claim over 100 lives in Pakistan’s Punjab province

Roof collapse due to Monsoon rains

By Muhammad Luqman
The Monsoon season that kicked off in Pakistan during first week of June this year, has sofar resulted in the death of 101 persons in Central Pakistan province of Punjab. Most of the deaths are due to incidents of roof and wall collapse, electrocution , lightening and drowning.
“ The rivers –Chenab , Indus and Jhelum are in low flood in most of the parts of Pakistan; But very few deaths may be attributed to drowning,” Director Punjab’s Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), Dr. Khurram Shahzad says.
The tributary nullahs of the rivers-Chenab and Ravi especially Palkhu, Bein, Eik and Deg are also in spate but disaster management department officials don’t feel it something threatening.
“ We have dispatched the required number of floats and other equipment of all the vulnerable districts of the Punjab,” PDMA Punjab Chief claims.
The meteorologists have predicted more rains during next six weeks. But the rains are going to be less than normal during the months of August and September.
Rivers may surge but the floods will remain very much within their brim, posing no threat to the human life and the property, says Chief Meteorologist, Muhammad Riaz.


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