Heat wave in Karachi from May 5 , warns met office


By Muhammad Luqman
Pakistan’s port city of Karachi is likely to experience a heatwave from May 5 till May 8, according to a warning issued by meteorological department on Friday.
As per a heat wave alert issued on the PMD website, the daytime temperature will range from 40 to 42 degrees Celsius during this period.
The alert added that the wind direction will be “generally Northwest/West turning to Southwest during the evening”.

According to the PMD, sea winds will remain suspended in the city during the day, resulting in the intensity of the heat to be felt more acutely.
Till now, weather pundits say, south-western winds from the sea had blown through the city at a high enough frequency to keep the sweltering heat at bay.
Experts have advised the Karachiites to wear loose and lightweight clothing during extreme hot weather, avoid the sun during its peak hours – around 11 to 4pm -, cover the head when stepping out and remain in shade as much as possible and, most importantly, drink plenty of water.
In June 2015, Karachi had experienced the severest heat wave in 50 years with temperatures as high as 49 °C (120 °F) that resulted in death of some 1200 people .


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