Healthcare charity seeks Pakistani-Americans’ support


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Al Mustafa Trust – one of the largest charitable healthcare organizations in Pakistan – is planning to set up a number of new dispensaries and medical centers to serve deserving patients across the country.

“We are currently providing primary health care to about one million people at our medical centers and dispensaries every year,” Chairman Al Mustafa Trust, Muhammad Mustafa Khan, said.

The new health care centers are being set up in Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan, the Trustee said briefing the media at the start of a fund-raising visit to the United States.

“We are grateful to Allah that through our team of dedicated medical experts, volunteers, effective management and with the help of philanthropic community, we have been able to fulfil gaps in providing health care to deserving people in many areas of the country,” the chairman said.

The humanitarian mission is a brainchild of retired civilian and military officers, who established the Trust in 1998.

Currently, more than a dozen medical centers are operating in different cities including Rawalpindi, Attock, Chakwal, Talagang, Gujar Khan and Karachi.

Our medical centers are equipped with latest machinery like laser eye treatment tools, and we treating the needy people with cost-free diagnosis at our facilities.

Besides, mobile vans of the Trust also reach out to patients in remote areas.

The medical treatment is being provided without any charges to patients suffering from many common diseases.

“We are now a registered non-profit charitable organization in the United States and look forward to support from philanthropists and Pakistani-American community,” Khan, a retired general, said.

Al Mustafa Charitable Trust USA is being led by Syed Shahid Ahmed, and now Pakistani-Americans have a great and trusted name where they can contribute to improving health services for deserving people in their country of origin.

Pakistani-Americans can connect with us through our website and a dedicated new Facebook Page.

In addition to establishing medical centers, the Trust has also sunk 21 Tube wells in the interior Sindh to provide clean drinking water to the poor. We have also installed water filtration plants at each of the center to provide safe drinking water to patients.


The Trust has been providing health services since its inception in 1998 and maintains a transparent and accountable record with audits carried out by a reputed company.

Al Mustafa Trust was established in the year 1998 in Rawalpindi to provide free basic health facility to poor and needy people.

Over the last two decades, the Trust has extended its presence to 74 locations through its medical centers in main cities and dispensaries and mobile units to villages.

The Trust has also been registered in the United Kingdom in 2005. The Trust is running its affair in a very transparent way and its accounts are audited by reputed firms abroad and locally, the chairman said.


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