Ghazan Marri arrested on Pakistan return


By Muhammad Luqman
Son of late Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri, Ghazan Marri along with five of his associates was arrested upon his return to the country after spending 18 years in self-imposed exile.
Ghazan’s lawyer commenting on the arrest stated that he was confused as to why the arrest took place, even though his lawyer obtained protective bail for him.
Balochistan’s Home Minister Sarfraz Bugti stated Ghazan’s remand will be obtained from court and added that no ‘deal’ was agreed between Ghazan and the government.
Ghanzan is Balochistan’s former Home Minister and brother of Harbyar Marri .He himself is accused of Justica Nawaz Marri’s murder that took place in 1999.
Earlier, Ghazan said that he is ready to face the cases registered against him upon his return to the country. “My hands are clean; I’ve nothing to do with BLA,” he said. “I was wrongly booked in the murder case of Justice Nawaz Marri.”


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