First eclipse of 2018 on January 31



By Muhammad Luqman

Total eclipse of Moon will be witnessed in Pakistan and other parts of the world on January 31, Wednesday.

According to Meteorologists, it will be visible in large parts of the United States, northeastern Europe, Russia, Asia, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific, and Australia. In Pakistan, It will be visible at moonrise time. The total lunar eclipse , also known as a Blood Moon will begin at 15-51 hours, according to Pakistan Standard Time as Prenumbral eclipse. However, it will turn into total eclipse at 17-52 Hours. It will end at 21-08 hours. During the year 2018, there will be five eclipses- three solar and two lunar ones. On February 15 , July 13 and August 11, there will be partial solar eclipses. The last lunar eclipse will be visible between 27 and 28 July .


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