ATM Skimming :Two Chinese nationals sentenced to one year imprisonment



By Muhammad Luqman

A Pakistani court on Monday handed down one year jail term to two Chinese  nationals  for their involvement in  ATM  fraud,  according to media reports..

The court in port  city of Karachi has also imposed a fine ofRs50,000 on each  felon.

According to Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) officials,  the convicts were involved in withdrawing money from ATM machines through fraud. Names of the convicts were not given.

Earlier this month,  staff of a bank captured two Chinese citizens while skimming Automated Teller Machine (ATM) data in Saddar area in Karachi.

Four Chinese nationals were stealing data from the ATM via a laptop when the bank administrators took notice of situation and took two of them in custody. Two suspects managed to escape from the scene.

According to bank officials, a laptop and skimming devices were seized from the possession of two culprits.


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