14 Pakistani Hindus return home from India


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At least 14 members of Pakistan’s Hindu minority community have returned from India after six months, saying their dreams of better economic prospects in the neighboring country had been shattered, Turkish news agency Anadolu reported.
Speaking to reporters at the Wagah border crossing, Kanhaya Lal and Nanak Ram, the heads of the families, said they went to India hoping for better economic prospects, but it was a “farce” and they suffered great hardships.
India recently passed a controversial law allowing Hindus, Sikhs, Parsis, Jains and Christians from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh to apply for fast-track citizenship.
Last month, a family of 11 Pakistani Hindus was found dead in a rented farmhouse in the city of Jodhpur in India’s Rajasthan state.
“I knew that family, and most of them were educated. But there are no opportunities for any outsiders in India,” Kanhaya Lal said.
“The fact is they were living in miserable conditions and suffered from extreme poverty and there were dangerous threats to their lives.”
He said more than 28,000 Pakistan Hindus are stranded in Jodhpur waiting to return home.
Meanwhile, the relatives of 11 Pakistani Hindus who were killed in mysterious circumstances in Jodhpur city of Indian state of Rajasthan last month have registered a criminal case with the Shahdadpur police holding spy agency RAW responsible for the killings.
According to media reports, the FIR was registered on the compliant of Mukhi whose father, mother, and other family members were killed in the tragic incident. The relatives of the deceased have also appealed to the international human rights organizations, International Court of Justice (ICJ) and the international community to ensure a fair investigation into the tragic incident and dispensation of justice.
According to the FIR 219/2020, the complainant Shrimati Mukhi narrated that on August 9, 2020, 11 members of her family, including her father, were murdered in Jodhpur town.
Mukhi blamed that the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) had killed her father Budha Ram, 80, Raivya, 35, Shamoon, 25, Antari, 75, Shrimati Lakshmi, 39, Shrimati Devi, 28, and their children Mukadas, 16, , Zain, 12, Dayaal, 12, Danish, 10, and Diya 5 through the RSS goons after the agency failed to convince them to spy on Pakistan.
Mukhi further blamed that when her father decided to secretly return to Pakistan with his family to expose the RAW, the entire family was killed.
The family went to India in 2012 and started living in Rajasthan where they were trapped by the RAW and given various favors for making anti-Pakistan statements.
She said her family went to India for performing religious rituals, but RAW trapped them and provided them with a residence in Jodhpur. She said on Aug 9, she received news about the murder of her 11 family members.
Mukhi claimed that she had learned through credible sources that RAW wanted to use her father as spy against Pakistan, but failed to convince him.
The only surviving member was Kewal Ram, 37, who is in the custody of the Indian police on murder charges.


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