Pakistan Navy rescues 11 Iranian fishermen in open sea 


By Muhammad Luqman

Pakistan Navy has successfully rescued eleven crew members of a sunken Iranian boat in the open sea, south west of port city of Karachi, according to Pakistani embassy in Iranian capital Teheran.

“Upon receipt of information about distressed Dhow (AL RAMANI) bearing flag of Islamic Republic of Iran, 11 crew members (fishermen) on board, Pakistan Navy promptly responded and launched search and rescue operation,” the statement said.

Two Pakistan Navy Sea King helicopters were immediately directed to search, locate and rescue distressed boat crew.

According to embassy statement, helicopters equipped with search and rescue gear along with para medical staff swiftly reached deep sea area at South West of Karachi in shortest possible time and conducted aerial search for fishing boat.

“After rigorous search efforts in prevailing rough sea and low visibility conditions at open sea, survivors were located by helicopter aircrew,” the statement further said.

It added the operation was amicably augmented by Pakistan Navy Ship NASR, which was already present in the area on routine patrol.

“In a very short span of time 11 survivors were recovered on board Sea King helicopters through winching operation and necessary first aid was rendered. The survived crew members thanked Pakistan Navy for prompt and professional response. The rescue operation lasted for about one and half hours resulting in safe recovery of all Iranian crew members to Karachi,” it said.

According to the statement, the salvaged Iranian crews were finally handed over to the Iranian Consulate at Karachi.

In a similar situation on April 30 last, the Pakistan Navy had  provided medical and humanitarian assistance” to 12 Indian fishermen in the open sea. The Indians were on a boat which was lost at sea after developing engine trouble.


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