Indian politician supports resumption of cricketing ties with Pakistan


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Popular Indian politician and Congress leader, Shashi Tharoor, has voiced his opinion on the India-Pakistan cricket ties. The relations between India and Pakistan have been very sour on the political front. In the recent times, this sourness has rubbed off on to the game of cricket as well. Although there is love among the cricket fans of the two countries, the action on the field is deserted. The BCCI has refused to play bilateral series against Pakistan citing the political tensions between the two countries.
At the recently held Times Lit Festival at New Delhi, Shashi Tharoor conceded that he feels the two countries should resume their cricketing ties. He reasoned out that the two countries are unlikely to have diplomatic relations in the longer run and hence, letting it affect the other aspects makes very little sense. Tharoor, as he has always been a mastercraft of words, used the most perfect words to put his point across, according to Indian media reports.
“I do believe India and Pakistan should play cricket, because my view of the India and Pakistan relationship is that we unfortunately are not going to go too far with diplomatic contacts through them,” quoted Shashi Tharoor.


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