India  to sell ‘properties’ seized from people who moved to Pakistan, China


By Muhammad Luqman

Indian government  has announced that it will sell stocks worth millions of dollars seized from people who moved to Pakistan following partition in 1947 and the wars since,  to make up for a shortfall in revenues.

According to Indian media reports, the stocks worth at least 30 billion rupees (PKR 50 billion,$412.26 million) are part of what India calls “enemy properties” that once belonged to people who went to Pakistan and China, with which India also fought a war over the last 70 years.

Once these Indian nationals became citizens of these two countries, they were treated as “enemies” and their assets in India including land and houses as well as shares were seized and held by the Custodian of Enemy Property of India.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has been tightening the provisions of the Enemy Property Act 1968 to include even lawful heirs who stayed behind and were Indian citizens.

Modi’s cabinet  has  approved a plan to sell stocks in 996 companies held by 20,323 shareholders, deemed as “enemy shares” , according to a government statement quoted by media. The government said 588 were active firms including 139 listed on the stock exchange.

“The decision will lead to monetization of enemy shares that had been lying dormant for decades since coming into force (of) the Enemy Property Act in 1968,” it said.

The government’s move comes as it is looking around for funds to support welfare programmes in the final months before a national election in the summer of 2019.

It is also struggling to meet its target of raising a record 1 trillion rupees ($14.25 billion) from the sale of state assets in the current fiscal year ending in March 2019.

“The government will gain from the sales of enemy shares and the proceeds will be used for development and social welfare of our people,” said Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad.

The number of properties with the Custodian of Enemy Property had risen to about 16,000 by last year from 2,100 a few years ago – nearly all taken from Muslim families – and are estimated at more than 1 trillion rupees ($13.76 billion), media reported.


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